Kara has been writing since the age of 10, when she completed her first book: a mystery featuring a plucky heroine who looked suspiciously like Nancy Drew.

Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Kara has lived in Southern California and the south of France. Throughout her childhood travels, one thing remained constant: her love of the written word. She focused on literature while studying for her Baccalaureate at one of the top schools in France, and later obtained an English degree from The Master’s College in Los Angeles. 

Since then, she’s worked in advertising, developing compelling content for brands both large and small. Her writing and editing capabilities have earned her a position as the managing editor for This Recording, a digital arts and culture magazine, and have also allowed her to contribute to many other print and online publications. Business Insider recognized her work in 2011, calling Kara “one of the best young writers on the Internet.” 

Kara now lives in Chicago, where she reads books for breakfast and takes long walks around the city.